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Sports is a life skill that teaches many values like discipline, team spirit, focus, hard work etc to children. With proper training in sports and games, students become active, alert, strong and hence more capable of meeting the challenges in life. Also, it can become a means of livelihood for some.


To give a boost to rural sports, we plan to organize monthly events in football, athletics, Kabaddi and kushti (wrestling).

Paapnashi Utsav-16th April 2017

Organized a Kushti tournament in Waghala village. Over 400 enthusiastic participants turned up for the event despite the scorching heat. A finale called ” Paapnashi Mahautsav” was organized in Feb’ 2018.

Samrudh Parli-14th November 2017

On the occasion of children’s day, there was a 5 km marathon and a football tournament organized for the youth in our 15 villages. Months before the event, football and marathon coaches went from Mumbai and they coached the youth who were playing for the first time. Footballs, shoes, uniforms were also distributed.

Mamdapur, won the final 1-0 against Parchundi. Quality of the game was average, but energy was very high. The 5 km marathon race was run by over 150 youth. Amol Kande of Rewali won with time of 17 min 50 seconds. Shivkanya Rathod won the girl’s race with time of 25 min 10 secs. Milind Soman came to Parli to support and give the prizes.

Kushti (Wrestling)

Kushti (wrestling) is a traditional sport in these villages. Young wrestlers attend jatras or go to other villages and throw challenges. The winner gets around 1,000 to 2,000 rupees.

Waghala has a wrestling akhada (pit) but no door, no training equipment and no water to have a bath after bouts. They still produce champions and the coach Satish has also been a state level wrestler. We are supporting this Kushti centre and contributed 150 liters of palm oil, 50 kgs of turmeric powder, 25 kgs of vermilion and 3 kgs of camphor in the last few days. These are key ingredients for the wrestling soil according to ancient knowledge to keep body cool and heal wounds while fighting.

“You never are a loser until you quit trying.”

Mike Ditka

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