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#GP2021 Visit to Global Parli

Historically, the Marathwada region in Maharashtra was a drought-prone region, where the people had hopes and aspirations, but lived their life like dead men. It is now experiencing a rejuvenated series of Transformation. 

To witness a massive transformation by Mayank Gandhi’s team from Global Parli, n the 17th of February 2021, we organised a tour to villages across Parli in Maharashtra, India. It was attended by over 30 esteemed guests including the members of our advisory board from different walks of the professions like Industrialists, Economists, Professors, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Financial & legal experts et cetera.

The agenda of this inspiring tour was as follows:

  • An introductory discussion of the advisory members over breakfast
  • Visit Papaya, Pomegranate & Lemon farms in Rewali village with sidelining Sericulture
  • Visit KTV Dam in Waghala
  • Visit Guava Farm and Paapnashi river (Recharge Shaft) in Parchundi village
  • Public gathering with over 1000+ farmers over Lunch in Nathra village
  • Unveiling of the Global Parli 2021 plan to Transform India
  • Visit Drumstick Farm in Limbotha village

An introductory discussion of the advisory board members

The introductory meeting started with Mayank Gandhi sharing the history of Global Parli’s journey from 2016 to now in 2021. This was followed by his plans to replicate this movement across India. He also exclusively announced the target of 50 lakhs fruit trees which may be scaled up to 70 lakhs in the year 2021. 

This meeting also gave a chance to all the advisory board members and partners to share their thoughts and suggestions about scaling our nation-building movement.

It was attended by respected representatives from UPL, British Deputy High Commission, HEG, Borosil, Essjay Ericsson, PUM Netherlands, Rotary Group, SP Jain Institute, Brahmakumaris and Agri-Universities, et cetera.

Visiting Papaya, Pomegranate & Lemon farms in Rewali village with sidelining Sericulture

This experience tour started with a visit to the Papaya farm of Jyotinath Kande from Rewali village. Walking through this papaya plantation farm expanded our knowledge about the best practices followed by Jyotinath which he learned from Global Parli’s Training sessions. This visit was memorable because we were served freshly cut papayas which were refreshingly delicious. Emphasis was placed on how to use Zeba (a Water Conservation Product by UPL). We learned that Zeba helps to reduce the amount of water needed in agriculture for irrigation – enabling more yield from less water. Thus, reducing agriculture’s water footprint, whilst helping with water supplies and associated costs. It has a positive effect on the soil microbiome supporting the soil food web and helps maintain soil health.

Walking through the Pomegranate farm of Pralhad Munde was the perfect place to gather knowledge about intercropping as it had fenugreek plants in place. We learned how intercropping is a perfect example of short term earning. It was beautiful to witness the budding flowers on these plants.

Next was the Lemon farm of Vasant Munde in Rewali Village itself, where there were ripened yellow lemons all over the farm waiting to be harvested. We were served freshly harvested lemon juice in the scorching heat which energized our spirit to see more.

This was followed by a brief study about Sericulture with Mulberry Plantation. Here we learned the importance of sericulture which is, gainful employment, economic development and improvement in the quality of life to the people in rural areas and therefore it plays an important role in anti-poverty movements like ours and prevents migration of rural people to urban areas in search of employment.

Visit KTV Dam in Waghala village

The KTV dam is one of the sparkling projects of Global Parli in 2018. Our movement was initiated with water conservation and storage facilities. In 2018 we successfully managed to build 162 dams all over the district in which KTV dam is the most effective one. To revive the memory, our whole team recited poetic slogans which were used to motivate the villagers while the construction was going on.

Global Parli 2021 visit - Dam

Visit Guava Farm and Paapnashi river (Recharge Shaft) in Parchundi village

One of the finest farms by our leading farmer Sugandh Rupnar in Parchundi Village was that of Guava with Intercropping of Watermelon. In this Guava farm, we educated our visitors with the knowledge of selecting the best nursery on certain parameters including the right approach of grafting and plantation.

Next, we visited the Paapnashi river which was nearby the Guava farm where we studied the working of a Recharge shaft that provides water to nearby fields even during the summer season. A recharge area is a place where water is able to seep into the ground and refill an aquifer because no confining layer is present. Recharge areas are necessary for a healthy aquifer. Aquifers form significant natural reservoirs of water and can form a large proportion of water used for drinking and agricultural purposes.

Public gathering with over 1000+ farmers over Lunch in Nathra village

The most awaiting part of the trip was the public meeting of over 1000+ farmers from nearby villages. This meeting started with Shivling Sir introducing the Global Parli movement to the audience followed by technical training sessions of Mr Krishna Kardile from KVK, Ambajogai about Soil sustainability & Citrus fruit plantation training by Dr M.B Patil from Pramukh Research Centre.

And the time arrived for the most significant moment of the meeting where the Chief Trustee of Global Parli – GVT, Mr Mayank Gandhi took over the podium for exclusive and most awaited announcements.

The most awaited announcements included the following:

  1. Unveiling of the plan of action for 2021
  2. Revealing the annual targets of over 50,00,000 fruit tree plantation
  3. Introducing the GP’s well-thought Marketing plan to get the best rates for our farmers.
  4. Launch of the GP farmer Training LMS App & Website
  5. Announcement about the Padma Vibhushan awardee & our grand supporter Mr Rajnikant Shroff
  6. Introducing our reach towards Micro finances and creating FPOs
  7. Collaborating with Atal Incubation Centre, Krishi Vigyan Kendras and Agri-Universities
  8. Rewarding hardworking farmers practising the best methods for Vermicomposting beds
  9. Launch of the Digital Marketing platform – Gramin (Introduced by Jasveer Singh)
  10. Encouraging Entrepreneurship within farmers

Apart from this, several dignitaries shared their thoughts about our Rural Transformation movement: Sanjeev Khadke (Vice President of MAAS), Ravi Jhunjhunwala (Chairman of HEG), Pradeep Kheruka (Chairman – Borosil Ltd.), Sandra Shroff (Vice-chairperson of UPL) and Alan Gemmell (British Deputy High Commissioner for Western India)

Visit Drumstick Farm in Limbotha village

Finally, the last part of our visit was at the Limbotha village at the Drumstick (Moringa) farm of Suman Uttam Chavan. Here he explained the best practices for Drumstick cultivation and ideas on choosing the best intercropping option, creative ways of harvesting and the right use of resources.

The tour ended over a memorable glass of scrumptious Drumstick Soup.

In Conclusion, this visit was meant to observe the success in Rural Transformation developed by the passionate team of Global Parli. Every single success story had a tragic background where some of the farmers had suicidal thoughts earlier but came out of it through sheer grit and hard work and now enjoying the success with an increase in their income.

“The visit to Parli was magical. When I gave a reference to feeling as I was in ‘Baikunth’ – it is really the feeling I felt sitting on the khattiya after one of the farm visits. Each and every member of the GP team has been working with a spirit of ‘Tapasya’ in our efforts to join with farmers shoulder to shoulder lending whatever resources we have towards the single-pointed objective of achieving an unshackling of the farmers. This is God’s Work, in which we are giving a helping hand. We shall succeed.”

Mr Pradeep Kheruka – Chairman, Borosil LTD.

The next blog will cover more such experiences shared by our visitors. Stay Tuned!

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