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Global Parli’s Goals in reference with Sustainable Development Goals.

There are 17 goals put forth by the UN for sustainable development for developing and underdeveloped countries to efficiently deal with deep rooted problems that manage to stunt the growth of any community. Some of the problems are Poverty, Starvation, no proper education facility, bad or lack of infrastructure, deficiency of drinking water and no proper sanitation, and so on. These are basic necessities and the world is still learning to get beyond it to fully soak in the luxury that life is. 

Coming down to a country like India, no one is unaware of the potential this country holds. Where half the country is all in riches, the other half struggles to even grow wheat for bread; let alone breaking bread. However, at Global Parli, an organisation that is focusing on the backbone of the country, has come up with quite revolutionary strategies to combat problems at ground level by changing the landscape of rural India which simultaneously deals with problems faced by communities like education, hunger, addiction and sanitation. The strategy led by Global Parli is simple yet revolutionary because it focuses on people who have the ability to change their own reality by being self reliant. Every drawback is interrelated and so are their solutions.

UN’s Goals and Global Parli’s goals are intertwined

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 goals planned for a better and sustainable future of this world. It’s an urgent call for action and global partnership among all countries. It focuses on global issues like Poverty, Climate Change, Inequality, establishing Peace and Justice. The major goals of SDGs are planned in a way that all aspects of world crisis can be managed for a sustainable future.

UN cannot achieve its goals if India is not an active contributor/practitioner as India is one of the largest economies. In similar ways Global Parli has set goals that aim at changing the landscape of India by targeting the potentially strongest and major identity of it i.e. Agriculture and Rural India

The major plan by Global Parli is the 360° Development which covers most of the deep rooted problems that stagger the growth and prosperity of people, both materially and spiritually. 

There are three other plans in the vision of new India

  • Water Management: Water harvesting and its management to ensure water security reducing dependency on rain-fed agriculture.
  • Mass Plantation: by motivating farmers to change cropping patterns to horticulture implication/practice training, and the technicalities of it
  • Replication: use latest technology, innovative marketing, and value adding processes to magnify the increased incomes

Thus, the UN and Global Parli have the same interests and goals that see the world in a light unimaginable by people who are hesitant to live.

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