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Farmer Training Visit Day 2

Day two of the farmer training program kick started with a visit to another successful farm owned by Mr. Sandeep Gitte in Nandagol. Walking through those Papaya farms along with sidelining lemon trees was the perfect place to gather knowledge about Papaya from Mr. Burange. Along with this Dr. M. B. Patil from Pramkuh Fruit Research Centre, Aurangabad shared with the audience his technical expertise in Citrus fruit plantations like Mosambi, Lemon, etc with his stimulating speech filled with inspiring quotes of famous ideologies. To top that Mayank Sir also addressed the participants of this year’s farm visit virtually, interacting with the audience on the progress made through this initiative. He motivated farmers and advised them to break their wall and take a step forward to make our country better.

At the drumstick farm in Nandagol, the participants of the farmer training visit got to experience the best practices of drumstick farming first hand. Vasant Nagargoje demonstrated how switching to drumstick elevated his own economy. Satish Burange sir explained the technical know-how of successful drumstick farming. The participant also got to visit the farms and observe the plantation best practices.As Drumstick crop works better with pollination so beekeeping acts as a catalyst during the whole process as well as it is a reliable source of passive income.

This occasion demonstrated to be an extraordinary opportunity for these farmers to be associated with and watch these modern procedures. Global Parli is an organization that’s committed to Rural Economic Transformation by engaging farmers in country regions with the information, abilities and assets that would offer assistance to them, increment their salaries, trim yield and bring around in general success within the field of horticulture.

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