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We have collaborated with Sundaram e-class, who are the pioneers and leaders in e-Learning in India, to provide e-Learning solutions to the schools of these villages (which villages). The best of highly trained teachers have been video recorded teaching the SSC syllabus from 1st to 10th Standard in Marathi.


Sundaram e-Class is an e-learning package that plays lessons on a 42 inch television in the classrooms. Pictures, graphs, maps, videos, animation etc. are all a part of the audio visual experience that students learn through. All this makes a tremendous difference in the quality of teaching unlike a teacher with no interest or expertise, who is perfunctorily there without any commitment. The teacher will remain in the class, now just as facilitator.

We have set-up e-learning in 5 schools and plan to cover all the 18 schools in these 15 villages. The most visible change to date due to e-learning is that the attendance has surged. The children want to attend class; they want to learn. They are more engrossed in class, especially the laggards (delete, don’t use negative connotations for children) . They are singing along with the poems on TV and answering questions asked by the software in unison. Another advantage of e-learning is that they understand concepts better now due to its audio-visual method of teaching. They are actually learning, gathering knowledge and not just doing lessons by rote just to pass and go to the next class.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Mayank Gandhi

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