Rural Economic Transformation


Drip Irrigation

Considering three consecutive years of drought in Marathwada region and weak monsoon last year, drip irrigation is the need of the hour. It is an incredibly efficient watering method that slowly delivers water directly to a plant’s root system (where it is really required). Other common irrigation devices like sprinklers spray water onto plant leaves as well as the surrounding soil wasting a lot of water in the process.

The villages in our target region mostly grow cotton so drip irrigation will bring down their water requirement to 1/10th. Drip irrigation not only makes agriculture possible within limited water but also brings about higher yields by 20-30%. To put it in perspective, it will almost double the income of the farmers.

The cost to set up drip irrigation is Rs.1, 30, 000 per hectare. Jain Irrigation, who is the drip irrigation provider, is giving a special discount of 12.5% for Global Parli. The govt. subsidy to marginal farmers for buying drip irrigation systems is 45%. Over and above, UPL, India’s foremost agri-input company and our donor will pay 12% of the cost.

“If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation.”

Amit Kalantri

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