Importance of Beekeeping in Pollination

Beekeeping is the art and science of rearing bees. It is widely known as apiculture. The bees are bred commercially in Apiaries which is an area where a large number of beehives can be placed. Here, the bees are taken care of and managed to produce wax, honey and other by…

Farmer Training Visit Day 2

Day two of the farmer training program kick started with a visit to another successful farm owned by Mr. Sandeep Gitte in Nandagol. Walking through those Papaya farms along with sidelining lemon trees was the perfect place to gather knowledge about Papaya from Mr. Burange.

Farmer Training Visit Day 1

Parli Taluka, Marathwada, which was becoming a graveyard for farmers is now experiencing a whole new series of transformations. The ‘Farmer Training Visit’ was conducted on the 5th and 6th December and was attended by a large number of farmers from the states of Madhya…


We have collaborated with Sundaram e-class, who are the pioneers and leaders in e-Learning in India, to provide e-Learning solutions to the schools of these villages (which villages). The best of highly trained teachers have been video recorded teaching the SSC syllabus from…