The Case For Organic Farming

In Marathwada, only an annual income of Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 per acre was granted to conventional crops such as cotton and soya. Coupled with a history of droughts, the source of agricultural distress, hunger, and suicides in the area was low wages. The path forward was to…

Farmer Training Visit Day 2

Day two of the farmer training program kick started with a visit to another successful farm owned by Mr. Sandeep Gitte in Nandagol. Walking through those Papaya farms along with sidelining lemon trees was the perfect place to gather knowledge about Papaya from Mr. Burange.

Farmer Training Visit Day 1

Parli Taluka, Marathwada, which was becoming a graveyard for farmers is now experiencing a whole new series of transformations. The ‘Farmer Training Visit’ was conducted on the 5th and 6th December and was attended by a large number of farmers from the states of Madhya…

Borewell Recharge

Water is never created inside the earth. It goes from the ground to the underground, filtered through various levels. This water goes and gets stored below the surface at different levels. Earth is the best underground water tank reservoir which is natural, does not…

Cashless Rural Economy

While working in these villages, we saw the tremendous hardships that were faced by the villagers for withdrawing, depositing and other banking activities. There is just one nationalized bank in Sirsala which is the nearest town to most of our villages. It serves 45 villages…
DevelopmentWater Conservation

Papnashi River

It is a water conservation project , which involves rejuvenation of Paapnaashi river and tributaries, which flows near most of the 15 villages. The project is divided into phases. First phase involves deepening and widening of the river. Second phase is repairing and…

Open Defecation Free Villages

According to UNICEF reports, bacteria from exposure to open feces has contributed to nearly 100,000 diarrhoeal deaths of children under five years of age in India. Poor sanitation remains one of the principal causes of lack of national development and widespread disease.


Sports is a life skill that teaches many values like discipline, team spirit, focus, hard work etc to children. With proper training in sports and games, students become active, alert, strong and hence more capable of meeting the challenges in life. Also, it can become a…