Rural Economic Transformation


Apiculture for Rural Livelihoods (Part 1)

In most cases apicultural practices of beekeeping tend to be considered as a hobby, but in the socio-economic scenario of developing countries in particular, beekeeping can be a source of livelihood. Not only can it serve as means to increase farmer income, but can also generate further employment, quality production and increase in overall agricultural productivity of a region. 

Recognizing these benefits of apiculture, we at Global Parli, along with the help of PUM Netherlands, have introduced training sessions in beekeeping provided for free to farmers, in the form of webinars. To assist us with the knowledge of beekeeping, PUM’s own Mr. Sean Zending, an expert in the fields of pollination, beekeeping practices and honeybee pathology has been speaking at these webinars to educate and inform the farmers regarding all the processes involved in this field. 

Through understanding the biology of a honeybee, their natural habitat, the colonies and the divisions, farmers gain an in-depth understanding of the bees and their behaviour and their anatomy and be familiar with the resources they are working with. So far around 25-30 farmers from villages have been receiving training from Mr. Zending and the insight on how to incorporate these practices in farming. Focus has been laid on various aspects such as quality control, hive management, harvesting, processing, construction of beehives, bee biology and extraction of various hive products. 

According to the FAO, developing nations often serve as the suppliers of products such as beeswax, to industrialised countries that are the importers. Secondary products such as candles, creams and beer can also be an additional advantage to this practice. 

Our collaboration sits on the belief that beekeeping is an interesting and profitable business that can be combined with other businesses with ease. 

Written By: Gayathri Chandran

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