Rural Economic Transformation


Apiculture for Rural Livelihoods (Part 2)

On the 15th of December, Global Parli conducted their second beekeeping training course in collaboration with PUM Netherlands taught by Mr. Sean Zending, virtually. 

This second session was held for a span of an hour and a half, wherein the farmers/participants were educated on bee products, and how easily they could make a livelihood out of it. They were educated on what kind of protective gear they must invest in and other beehive materials that are required for various processes. Emphasis was placed on the number and size of the frames that were needed, wax plated that mimic the hexagonal structure of honeybee cells, etc. Distances between the frames and the kind of frames needed were also discussed. They were also shown a video on how to make the frames. 

They were also told when in the year to kick off the process, while the colonies were small and workable. Other honeybee related products made from such as cosmetics and beeswax and their scope as an additional income were also discussed. They were also urged to regularly inspect the hives and make sure they were healthy and also frequently record all observations that were made.

Written By: Gayathri Chandran

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