Rural Economic Transformation

Social Issue

Alcohol-free Villages

The first step in addressing the issue of increased alcoholism in rural regions, is to acknowledge the problem and proceed with the de-addiction process. Alcohol is certainly an invention of the devil for those who consume it. It robs people of not only their money but…

Challenges in Agricultural Governance

“The soul of India lives in its villages”, said Gandhiji. If villages don’t prosper, will India? Fragmentation of farms is the main factor in the deteriorating condition of the farming population. When families become bigger and with each generation, property is…
Farm Visit

#GP2021 Visit to Global Parli

Historically, the Marathwada region in Maharashtra was a drought-prone region, where the people had hopes and aspirations, but lived their life like dead men. It is now experiencing a rejuvenated series of Transformation. To witness a massive transformation by…

Importance of Beekeeping in Pollination

Beekeeping is the art and science of rearing bees. It is widely known as apiculture. The bees are bred commercially in Apiaries which is an area where a large number of beehives can be placed. Here, the bees are taken care of and managed to produce wax, honey and other by…

The Case For Organic Farming

In Marathwada, only an annual income of Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 per acre was granted to conventional crops such as cotton and soya. Coupled with a history of droughts, the source of agricultural distress, hunger, and suicides in the area was low wages. The path forward was to…

Farmers' Day Celebration at Global Parli

The farmers’ day celebration started with a field tour at one of our farmer, Gulab Rupnar’s field. Our team got to study various plantations like Guava, Custard apple, Watermelon, Jawar and Cotton. This got us an idea about the best practices in plantation and at…

Bihar Vs Punjab : Agri-Evolution

In 2006, the APMC Act was abolished by the state of Bihar. By 2018 Bihar’s growth rate grew to be 13.3% while India’s total growth rate still remained at 7.5%. In Bihar, as agriculture increased, other sectors grew as well. Although Punjab’s growth rate…

Farmer Training Visit Day 2

Day two of the farmer training program kick started with a visit to another successful farm owned by Mr. Sandeep Gitte in Nandagol. Walking through those Papaya farms along with sidelining lemon trees was the perfect place to gather knowledge about Papaya from Mr. Burange.

Farmer Training Visit Day 1

Parli Taluka, Marathwada, which was becoming a graveyard for farmers is now experiencing a whole new series of transformations. The ‘Farmer Training Visit’ was conducted on the 5th and 6th December and was attended by a large number of farmers from the states of Madhya…

Monthly Volunteers Meet - DEC'2020

Global Parli’s monthly volunteer meet was held on 12th December 2020.This meet saw the participation of volunteers involved in the following activities of tele-calling, advocacy and policy, research, content writing, marketing and forward linkages, social media…

Apiculture for Rural Livelihoods (Part 2)

On the 15th of December, Global Parli conducted their second beekeeping training course in collaboration with PUM Netherlands taught by Mr. Sean Zending, virtually. This second session was held for a span of an hour and a half, wherein the farmers/participants were…
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